Who I am.

Dazma is the name given to me by my closest friends, a long, long time ago. It comes from Dazmapolitan, which in turn comes from Cosmopolitan.
It means non judgemental, man of the people or world.
I am a family man with my wife and nine year old daughter, living in the heart of the Jurassic Coast, Weymouth.
I first learnt photography 27 years ago at art college, shooting, developing and printing but Life is life and I was steered away from creative pursuits and moved into the service industry, bar work for the first 10 years. From Bus boy to Trainer to Licencee I have realised over the years that the customer is not always right but always right there and deserves to be treated with honour and respect.




Booking me as your photographer couldn't be easier. Very soon we will have online booking so you can pay by card or with Pay Pal.
Not for you then why not buy gift vouchers for someone special


Before every session I talk with my clients in person, be it over the phone, favourite coffee shop, home, Skype or preferably at the studio, it doesn't really matter where we talk, what matters is, we talk!


Throughout the consultation and after I will be designing your session so that your day runs as smoothly as possible.


During your session I shall guide you all the way from your nose to your toes. Keeping you relaxed and engaged is all part of what I do to get the best images of you!


I do try to get everything done in camera but like developing in the good old days the images have to be developed albeit digitally. The creative process doesn't stop when the camera is put down.


This is when you come back to the studio and see your images for the first time. There is no catch, no trick up the sleeve, you buy what you love. It's my job to make you fall in love with all your images.

How we work.

1 Dazmatography provides a bespoke portrait service. Everyone is treated with honour and respect.

2 Every image created is crafted from start to finish. Every photograph is taken with love and joy.

3 We create a collection of beautiful images of you and you only buy the images you love and nothing more.

Dazma is a print specialists delivering the highest quality prints, hand mounted and frame ready. Prints that will last for generations, that your loved ones will cherish long after we are gone.

High & low resolution digital files are supplied to match every print you purchase

1st Contact

The best & fastest way to get in touch is give us a call. 

07900 303883