The search for the Holy Grail..

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 “It’s not that I didn’t see the signs, there were plenty of them…”

On the 5th October I packed two bags, one for the hold on the plane the other with most of my camera kit, for the cabin, with me, safe! Never mind that the kit bag weighed twice the weight of the suitcase going in the hold, it would be with me, safe. Speeding through the air at over 600 mph at an altitude of 38,000 feet, safe!

Right then,  bags packed, caffeine ingested, pre-journey comfort break, off I go at 1 am in the morning, to Berlin. The drive to Gatwick went well and because of diversions, the drive went well into Bournemouth and emerged en-route 2oo yards from where I left it! Never mind, back on track now!

Just when I thought things were going well again, I ran out of motorway at Fleet.  It’s not that I didn’t see the signs, there were plenty of them, It’s just that I thought the junction I needed was the one at the closure of the road. It was the next one along! Bugger! I just hope the couple I gave advice to at Fleet Services aren’t still trying to get to the airport and hopefully didn’t follow my advice because my advice would’ve allowed them to see the majority of west Surrey’s hedgerows at 4 in the morning on high beam. Fortunately for me Google was at hand and we darted off to Farnham, which is where I went to Art College, long, long ago in a dim and slightly fuzzy past but from then on it was plain sailing, no pun intended.

At passport control the thoughtful staff gave me an opportunity to check and make sure I hadn’t forgotten anything, thoroughly. Nope, All there! Phew!
After regaining my dignity, popping on some clothes and tightening my belt buckle I wandered into and through shopping Wonderland. Oh, the glamour, the glitz! I quickly headed to the safety of W H Smiths, bought a pasty and a packet of crisps for breakfast and ventured to my gate. Arriving at said gate, I thought it best to find the correct gate, before my plane left.

Not the proudest 4 1/2 hours of my navigational life but that was out of my hands now. Next stop, Berlin and the search for the Holy Grail continues…!